How to Fix QuickBooks Event Log Error 4?

What is QuickBooks event log Error 4

Quickbooks is specifically designed to deal with the tasks that are associated with accounting, bookkeeping and other finances. It is equipped with many features that enables its users to manage their accounts, create invoices etc. But, Quickbooks is sometimes affected by certain errors. QuickBooks Event Log Error 4  is one such error that hampers your work on Quickbooks. 

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What is QuickBooks Event Log Error 4?

As far as accounting software is considered, QuickBooks have created a magnificent impression all across the globe. It has various features that help a business in managing their financial and business transition. Despite having a lot of benefits, QuickBooks may sometimes face some sort of issues. QuickBooks event log Error 4 is one such error which arises due to damaged or corrupted system files in QuickBooks. Sometimes while launching QuickBooks or QuickBooks integration manager, you might see a pop up on the screen which states ‘it could not connect’ and also there can be a pop up that says ‘User wants to open it or not’.

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What are the symptoms of Quickbooks event log Error 4?

Few symptoms of Error are:

  • The window which is running might crash suddenly. 
  • Quickbooks may freeze suddenly and it may happen repeatedly. 
  • System may crash again and again. 
  • The window might not respond to inputs from the keyboard. 

What are the causes for the occurrence of QuickBooks event log error?

  • It may happen due to .NET framework 4.0 SP 1 issues. 
  • QuickBooks company files can be damaged. 
  • Trojan attack can also result in Event log error 4.
  • There is some error in the windows registry. 
  • Some QuickBooks related files would have been deleted.

What can be done to fix QuickBooks Event Log Error 4?

To fix QB event log Error 4, follow the below mentioned steps:

Method 1: Reinstalling Microsoft .NET framework.

  • Login to your system using Administrator login credentials. 
  • Press window and R simultaneously. 
  • A run window will be seen on the screen, type ‘Control panel’ in the text box.
  • Once the control panel opens, go to the tab of the program and features. 
  • Look for the programs that are installed and search for ‘Microsoft .NET framework 4.0. 
  • Select Microsoft .NET framework 4 and get it uninstalled. 
  • Once the uninstallation is over, reboot your system and when it starts, press Windows+R.
  • In the run window, again type Control panel, once the control panel is open, reach to the ‘Program and feature’.
  • Select the tab of ‘add/remove window features and herein expand .NET framework.
  • You will now see Microsoft .NET 3.5, here you have to select both the first and second checkboxes. 
  • Click on OK to install .NET framework 3.5 on the system. 
  • After installation, reboot your system and now check for QB event log error 4. 

Method 2: Using Quickbooks install Diagnostic tool.

If QB Event Log Error 4 still appears, then: 

  • Download Quickbooks tool hub.
  • Get the Quickbooks tool hub installed in the system.
  • From the desktop, open Quickbooks tool hub.
  • Select installation issues. 
  • Run Quickbooks install diagnostic tool. 

Method 3: Updating Quickbooks

  • Get all the updates downloaded for QuickBooks.For this: 
  • Open Quickbooks. 
  • Hover to the help menu. 
  • From the drop down, Select update Quickbooks.
  • Click on Get updates and choose Reset update. 

Method 4: Running Quick Fix My program. 

  • Close the Quickbooks. 
  • Download Quickbooks tool hub.
  • From the download, install QuickbooksToolhub.exe file.
  • Open the Quickbooks tool hub. 
  • From here, select the program problem. 
  • Moving ahead  click on Quick fix my program. 

Method 5: Reinstalling Quickbooks using clean install. 

  • For fixing error, you might need to clean install Quickbooks. For this:
  • First, open the control panel. 
  • Select program and features. 
  • Move to uninstall program option. 
  • From the list of programs, select Quickbooks.
  • On the wizard window that pops up, click on Remove. 
  • Follow the steps to uninstall Quickbooks.
  • Next open Quickbooks tool hub. 
  • Click on the installation issues tab. 
  • Further, click on the Clean install tool. 
  • Run this tool. 
  • Once it completes, reinstall Quickbooks. 

Hopefully, Error would have been fixed by now!! If you feel you are unable to fix QB event log error, reach out to QuickBooks enterprise support at +1-888-485-0289  and our technical support team will help you in fixing all your issues related to Quickbooks event log error 4.