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Quickbooks is a wonderful accounting software designed to perform financial and accounting tasks and also it has features like payroll services, bookkeeping etc. which makes it more reliable and user-friendly. Intuit keeps on bringing the new updates for the smooth functioning of the software which must be downloaded by its user on time so as to avoid any hindrance with the working of the Quickbooks. If you do not update Quickbooks on a regular basis, you might encounter several errors and QuickBooks Desktop Update Error Code 16026 is one of them.

While working on Quickbooks on Quickbooks you might see an error message suddenly reading as- Error 16026. 

What are the possible reasons behind the occurrence of Quickbooks error 16026?

  • Quickbooks files might not be installed properly. 
  • Quickbooks files might have got damaged. 
  • Windows must be having an unsupported Quickbooks version. 
  • Faulty internet connection. 
  • Internet version might not be 6.0 or later. 

What can be done to fix Quickbooks QuickBooks Desktop Update Error Code 16026?

  • The foremost task  is  to restart the Quickbooks. 
  • Next you need to access the financial institution library in the Quickbooks.Fo doing so: 
  • Reach the banking tab and choose the online banking option. 
  • Look for the financial institution. 
  • If you see the financial directory on the left side, then the Quickbooks cna successfully access the online services of the intuit. 
  • The next task is to update the Quickbooks by reaching the update now tab from the Quickbooks’ help menu and checking for the updates which are available. Install the updates once you download them. 
  • Ensure that the internet version you are using is 6.0 or later. For this:
  • You should open the internet explorer and reach the help menu. 
  • Now make a click on About internet explorer. 
  • Check for the version of the internet explorer. 
  • Download the latest internet explorer version from Microsoft’s website.

If you are still stuck on QuickBooks Desktop Update Error Code 16026, reach out to QuickBooks enterprise support at +1-888-485-0289.