Features and Limitations of QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022

Software organization Intuit is widely renowned for introducing the industry with the best financial tool, that is taking the world by storm. QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 is the Apple-exclusive desktop product which has proved to be a perfect pick for the small business owners 

 Here are the few things that are required to be kept in mind for businesses that prefer QuickBooks Mac Plus. It is perfect for the business owners who: 

  • Avidly use Apple computers and rely on them. 
  • Have fewer employees, who will use the accounting software. Preferably three or less. 
  • Would use the software on their computer rather than on the cloud.
  • Do not require mobile access for the accounting system.

Features of QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022

Features of QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022

If you are already using QuickBooks for Mac, then there is something new for you that has come up with the 2022 edition. Unlike earlier, the current version is subscription-based and its license needs to be renewed every year. The additional benefits that you will have access to include, 24×7 support, excellent data recovery services and much more. Here are the most interesting features of QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022, 

  • The new version effortlessly connects with QuickBooks add-ons like payroll and payments.
  • Uploads receipts and create new transactions
  • Matches receipts to existing transactions flawlessly
  • Ensures to schedule customer statements.
  • Automatically organizes customers into groups under various categories such as customer type, location, balance, etc.
  • Categorizes downloaded transactions.
  • Divided transactions by class and export register to Excel.
  • Take care of emails, and send them carefully through Gmail.
  • Organizes transactions into categories based on pending, cleared, void, past due, etc.
  • Customize invoices, receipts, statements and purchase orders.

What is the price of QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022

For single users licenses, QuickBooks Mac Plus starts at $349.99 per year. In case you need it for more systems then, you can get your hands on the multi-user license for up to three simultaneous users. The cost is directly proportional to the number of users who would be having access to the QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 version

Highlighted limitations of QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022

QuickBooks Mac Plus, world exceptionally if you are just at the initial steps of your business. In case you are looking forward to scaling up the business or expanding over to more complex requirements, then you must keep the associated limitations in mind. Let’s dig deeper into the limitations of QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022.

  1. Less functionality compared to QuickBooks Windows

When it comes to highlighting the power and robustness, then it’s the fact undeterred that the QuickBooks window is more reliable in comparison with Mac Plus. Let’s check out the regions where the QuickBooks Mac needs more attention, maybe for the next version:

  • No Accountant’s Copy: In QuickBooks Mac Plus, there is no accountant’s copy. This further suggests that sharing files with the accountant becomes a more complicated process.
  • No Access to payroll software: QuickBooks Mac Plus can exchange info with QuickBooks Online Payroll, accessing the payroll software from within the accounting software is not possible. 
  • No integration from App Center: QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 fails to integrate with apps that are installed from QuickBooks App Center.
  • Limited Bank Access: Downloading online bank statements is not allowed to users. Few banks allow the downloads but not all. 
  • Limited Reports: The inclusion of reports is limited. 
  • Less Currency support: Multi-currency is not supported in the QuickBooks Mac version.
  1. Data integrity and security

It’s a fact that you need to keep QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022, on your computer rather than the cloud. Thus. You need to take care of the backup data regularly. Though the version supports automatic backups yet the user needs to decide the location where you want your company backups to be stored along with the frequency of updates.

Here are all the latest details about QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 and its features. If you need any technical support and expert suggestions you can get in touch with QBS Enterprise. Our proficient team has solutions for everything glitch and hindrance related to QuickBooks windows and QuickBooks MAC. Give us a call on our toll free number or connect through our official website.