Easy Solution for QuickBooks Error Code 361

What is QuickBooks Error 361

Quickbooks accounting software has been specifically designed by intuit for accounting work and is mainly geared towards small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs or individuals to help them in their accounting and financial tasks. Quickbook helps you in managing payments, it also helps its users to  manage and pay bills etc related to their business.  Although there are times when Quickbooks may also face some issues and it may encounter several errors. And one such error is QuickBooks Error Code 361. 

What is Quickbooks Error Code 361?

Quickbooks error 361 is encountered when you are on online sessions of Quickbooks. Quickbooks error 361 may also be seen  when you are  downloading the transaction from the bank.

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Symptoms of Quickbooks Error Code 361:

  • System may crash regularly. 
  • Error 361 may crash the active program. 
  • Some other program may delete the Quickbooks file unknowingly. 

What are the causes for the occurrence of  Quickbooks Error 361?

  • Quickbooks installation is incomplete. 
  • Windows registry is corrupted due to recent changes in Quickbooks. 
  • Malware infections.
  • Some  of the other programs have accidentally delivered Quickbooks related files.

What can be done to fix QuickBooks Error Code 361?

Solution 1:By repairing the registry entries. 

  • You need to click on the start button. 
  • In the search box, enter Command. 
  • Now, press Ctrl+shift+enter.
  • A dialog will appear on the screen. 
  • Type regedit. 
  • From the list that appears, click on Error 361-connected key in the registry editor. 
  • From the file menu, select Export and select the folder to save the fbackup folder. 
  • Click on Save with the extension of the file as .reg 

Solution 2: Cleaning the system junk. 

  • In the search box which appears, you need to type ‘command’. 
  • Press Ctrl+shift. 
  • Press enter. 
  • Click Yes on the dialog box which opens. 
  • And, type cleanmgr in the box which has opened. 
  • A disk cleanup dialogue box will pop up. 
  • Select all the checkboxes which need to be deleted. 

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Solution 3: Running windows system file checker. 

  • After entering the word ‘Command’ in the search box, hold ctrl+shift+enter. 
  • On the dialogue box which opens, click on yes. 
  • In the box which pops up, you have to enter sfc/scannow. 
  • This system file checker will search for Error number 362 and other system file issues. 
  • Follow the onscreen steps to finish this process. 

Solution 4: carrying full malware scan of PC. 

  • Quickbooks Error 361 would have arised due to spyware and malware attack on your system. These attacks can result in deletion or corruption of run time error related files.
  • So, it is recommended to conduct a full malware scan of your system. 

Solution 5: Installing all window updates. 

  • Press the window key on your keyboard and type update in the dialogue box that opens. 
  • A windows update dialogue box will pop up. 
  • If you see any available updates, click on install updates. 

You must fix Quickbooks error 361 otherwise it will not let you work on Quickbooks. Above-mentioned troubleshooting is extremely helpful in resolving Quickbooks error 361. 

Winding up!!!
Hopefully QuickBooks Error Code 361 is now fixed!!! If you are facing any issues in resolving Quickbooks Error 361, reach out to QuickBooks enterprise support at +1-888-485-0289 , our technical experts will help you in resolving Quickbooks error 361.