QuickBooks Unable to Connect to the Remote Server

QuickBooks Unable to Connect to the Remote Server Error

Quickbooks helps you in accounting and financial works in your businesses with several amazing features.  Multi-user setup is one such feature, this feature allows you to scale up more than one user so that more users can work simultaneously on a company file. Multi- user access mode allows you to set  a normal PC as a host computer. Moreover, QuickBooks database server manager is the component which turns on the hosting and it bridges the workstations to communicate with the company file. There may be circumstances where QuickBooks Unable to Connect to the remote server and usually this happens when workstations is not able access the company file.

What are the prominent causes for the issue – “QuickBooks unable to connect to remote server”?

  • There might be some issues with the QuickBooks file hosting or permissions. 
  • QuickBooks database server manager might not be working on the server. 
  • Improper setup of the QuickBooks server. 
  • Local area networks might not be active.
  • There might be a halt in the Quickbooks server connection. 
  • A third party firewall can also result in QuickBooks unable to connect to the QuickBooks server. 
  • The QuickBooks version being used might be outdated. 

What are the ways to fix ‘Quickbooks unable to connect to the server’ issue?

Solution 1: By updating the QuickBooks to the latest version.

  • For updating the QuickBooks to the latest version:
  • First open the help menu in the QuickBooks and then click on ‘Update QuickBooks desktop’.
  • Select the option tab.
  •  Select ‘Mark all’ option.
  • Now, make a click on ‘Update Now’.
  •  Wait for the updates to be  downloaded. 
  • Once the update process is complete, restart the QuickBooks. 

Solution 2: By checking the settings in the webmail preferences. 

  • In the QuickBooks, reach to the Edit menu and then click on ‘Preferences’.
  • Select the option of Send forms. 
  • You have to view ‘My preferences’ and then select the email account which is being used and then click on Edit. 
  • Next, you need to update the SMTP and save it. 

Solution 3: By renaming the .ND(Network Data)file. 

  • First, you need to close the QuickBooks and then open your file location. 
  • In the tab of file location, you have to search for .ND file .
  • Select the .ND file, when you find it and then press F2. 
  • Rename this file by adding .old before the file name. 

Solution 4: Organizing QuickBooks database server manager. 

  • Press the windows key and type ‘QuickBooks database server manager’. 
  • You need to open the QuickBooks database server manager and then remove the pre-existing folder. 
  • In the database manager, you have to add the QuickBooks company file folder. 
  • Get the folder scanned and note down the errors which are listed here. 
  • Rectify these errors. 

Solution 5: Validating the QuickBooks desktop file hosting 

Sometimes there might be a hosting service conflict between the QuickBooks server and its working stations. To fix this issue, you can follow these steps: 

Step 1: Turning of hosting on all the workstations. 

  • Open the file menu in QuickBooks and choose the Utilities tab. 
  • In this tab, select ‘Stop hosting multi-user access. 

Step 2: Turning off hosting on the server computer. 

  • First, press the windows key and type windows task manager. 
  • Open the windows task manager.
  •  Make a click on more details of the task manager.
  • Herein, select the ‘Services’ tab and select ‘QBDBMgrN.exe from the list which appears. 
  • To verify the file, press window+R.
  • In the run box which opens, type services.msc and click OK. 
  • Long press the letter Q from the keyboard till you find QBDBMgrN.exe.
  • Now, you have to start the service.
  • Select the automatic start option.

Solution 6: Resetting internet settings to default. 

  • Open the Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the tools menu.
  • Choose the ‘Internet options’ tab. 
  • Now make a click on the Advanced tab.
  • Choose ‘Restore Advanced settings’. 
  • Click Ok and close the browser. 

Well, these basic troubleshooting would definitely help you to  fix the issue -QuickBooks unable to connect to remote server. If you feel that the issue still persists and QuickBooks is still unable to connect to the remote server, you can reach out to QuickBooks enterprises support at 1-888-485-0289 and our team of experts will be happy to assist you.