QuickBooks Desktop Freezing and Crashing Error

QuickBooks Desktop Freezing and Crashing Error

Quickbooks works efficiently and allows you to manage accounting and financial tasks. But it is not every time that Quickbooks run smoothly and at times you might get stuck, this may happen as Quickbooks may freeze or crash and this is known as Quickbooks desktop freezing and crashing error.Occurrence of this error is seen where software hangs and the system does not close even when you let shut it down. It will generate new off-screen windows which are running in the background. All these factors can result in the occurrence of Quickbooks Desktop Freezing and Crashing Error. 

Let us discuss Quickbooks desktop freezing and crashing error in detail. In this article we will go through:

  • What is Quickbooks Desktop freezing and crashing error?
  • When does QuickBooks desktop freezes Error occur?
  • What are the causes for the occurrence of Quickbooks desktop freezing and crashing error?
  • How to get rid of Quickbooks desktop freezing and crashing error?
  • Quick support to fix Quickbooks freezing and crashing error!

What is QuickBooks Desktop Freezing and Crashing Error?

Quickbooks desktop freezes error hinders your working with the Quickbooks. It generates a few off screen windows which run in the background. QuickBooks desktop Crashed Error also risks the unsaved data and intervenes the smooth running of the business. 

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When does QuickBooks desktop freezes Error occur?

Quickbooks freezes error occurs when you try to install Quickbooks desktop and the installer freezes for a few seconds. System may get stuck on the installing ABS PDF driver.

What are the causes for the occurrence of Quickbooks Desktop Freezing and Crashed Error? 

  • For one or other reason, Windows operating systems may be out of date. 
  • User accounts might be enabled. 
  • Company name may be long. 
  • DDF and the user preferences files may be damaged. 
  • File might not allow the user to operate the windows. 
  • It is possible that the Windows operating system may be damaged or missing. 
  • Also, the factor that windows Operating system is out of date and this can result in this error
  • Some applications may be running in the background. 
  • Hard Drive may be damaged. 
  • Quickbooks desktop installation may be damaged. 

How to  fix  Quickbooks Desktop Freezing and crashing error?

Solution 1: Using Quickbooks clean install tool

  • First, download the Quickbooks tool hub from the Intuit website and save it. 
  • Now make a double click on Quickbookstoolhub.exe to install this program and once this program is installed, reach the Quickbooks tool hub. 
  • In Quickbooks tool hub, go to the option of Installation issues tab and select the option of Clean install tool. 
  •  After you save it, open the QBCleaninstallutility.exe file and accept the license agreement. 
  • Go to the Quickbooks version and click on Continue
  • Click OK. 

 Solution 2: To fix Quickbooks desktop freezing and crashing error try Running Quickbooks install diagnostic tool. 

  • Download QB install diagnostic tool and get it installed. 
  • Then, you need to close all the running programs. 
  • Once this is done, run the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool. 
  •  Once the tool repairs Quickbooks, reboot the system. 

Solution 3: By changing the DAT and DDF files. 

  • Close the company files and then find the company directory. 
  • Rename the DAT to OldUserPRef.DAT and then delete the files which are having DDF extension. 
  • Now open the company and click the Confirm tab to save payments for the same directory. 
  • Now click on the print  to get print successfully. 

Solution 4: Using Quickbooks refresher tool

  • In order to use this method, it is needed to close all the Quickbooks desktop versions.
  • Now, you must download the Quickbooks refresher tool.
  • Next, save this file on the desktop.
  • Moving ahead, run the Quickbooks refresher tool.
  • Now you must reopen the Quickbooks to check if the error is resolved!

Solution 5: Making use of Rebuild data tool

  • Quickbooks verify and rebuild data tools are extremely helpful in fixing minor company file data issues. Here are the steps:
  • Open the file menu in the Quickbooks. 
  • Move to the utilities tab, followed by selecting Rebuild data.
  • Now, move to the quickbooks info window and follow the onscreen steps to move ahead. 
  • Wait till the repair completes. 
  • Once this gets over, open the file menu again.
  • Navigate to the utilities option and choose the Verify data option.
  • The last step is to wait till the tool examines the data issues. 

Solution 6: Deleting Temporary internet files from the browser

  • You must try to fix the error by clearing the cache from the internet Explorer. Since these caches can generate a lot of data and lower down the speed of the system. Steps to remove the temporary internet files are: 
  • Open the control panel and move to the Internet Option applet
  • On the general tab, select the temporary internet files and click on delete files.
  • Click OK. 

Solution 7: Disable tablet PC input services to fix Quickbooks desktop freezing and crashing error

  • Press windows+ R and then type MSC
  • Click OK. 
  • Choose the tablet PC input service or touch keyboard and hand-writing panel. 
  • Now you have to select the option to stop the service.
  • Double click the tabled input service. 
  • Select properties
  • Move ahead to disable the startup type.
  • Press OK.
  • Close the services menu.
  • Reopen Quickbooks in order to finish the process. 

Hopefully, you are able to fix Quickbooks Desktop Freezing and Crashing Error using these basic troubleshooting. If you need more help, reach out to QuickBooks enterprise support at +1-888-485-0289.