QuickBooks Error Code 6130, How To Fix?

QuickBooks Error 6130, How to Fix_

Quickbooks is widely used by millions of organisations globally and it efficiently helps its users in their account management and bookkeeping. But it is also not free from error . One such error is QuickBooks Error Code 6130. 

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What is QuickBooks Error Code 6130?

Quickbooks error 6130 is generally encountered when the commercial enterprise document fails to shop. And this is because of the damaged computer report. Occurrence of this error might cause the active window to crash. Quickbooks relies on window components for its proper functioning but some sort of damage in the windows components can result in the Quickbooks error 6130.  This error pops up with the message stating –

“QuickBooks is trying to access the company file but cannot contact the database server”.

Identifying QuickBooks Error Code 6130

The main traits that are shown in the system due to the error are as follows

  • Frequent active window crashes
  • The system frequently crashes while running programs
  • System windows run slowly
  • Keyboard and mouse inputs work improperly
  • Freezing of computer after the short durations

Why QuickBooks Error Code 6130 Occurs?

When a user tries to access the company file in the network but the file is corrupted or not available on the server, it is likely to occur. Then QuickBooks gives a message showing that the error has taken place.

There can be numerous reasons for the occurrence of Quickbooks error 6130, some of them are listed below:

  • Corrupted QB software is downloaded
  • Corrupted Windows Registry
  • Installation of the QB accounting software is incomplete
  • Corrupt Windows System files and QBW files due to attack by malware and virus
  • Deleted files and programs
  • Prevention of Windows firewall by QB desktop application to access the network ports
  • Corrupted company file
  • When QB Database service is not running correctly on the server, then also the error can occur
  • Damaged transaction log files and network data

How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6130?

You can solve the Quickbooks error 6130  with the help of some troubleshooting steps. But before that, you need to implement some other functions such as-

  • Install the updated version of Windows
  • Taking a backup of the company file
  • Installing the latest updates of QB Desktop on the client’s workstation and server

What are the ways to fix Quickbooks error 6130?

 Take a look at the troubleshooting steps to fix Quickbooks error 6130  and get rid of the troublesome situation.

Solution 1:  Repairing Windows Registries to fix Quickbooks error 6130. 

  • Click on the Start button and type the “command” on the search box. BUT don’t press Enter yet.
  • Press and hold “Ctrl+Shift” on the keyboard & then press the “Enter.”
  • You will see a permission dialog box. Click on Yes
  • You will see a black box will with a blinking dialog box
  • Type the “Regedit.”
  • Hit the Enter button
  • Go to File followed by reaching the  Export option.
  • Click  Save. 
  • Then select a folder to save the QB desktop key
  • Go to the File name box.
  •  Then type the backup file’s name
  • Select Export Range box. 
  • Reach the Selected Branch and Save

After following these steps, you would see that the file is saved with an extension of .reg. Hence, the backup of QB-related entries is done. If the error is not solved yet, we have to continue with the next methods.

Solution 2: Run Malware Scan to resolve Quickbooks error 6130. 

Any kind of virus and malware can degrade the system’s performance. They are a threat to the system, but they can also delete, corrupt, and damage error-related files. Hence, it is essential to conduct a full system scan. It will help you to detect and eliminate harmful malware from the system.

Solution 3:  To fix Quickbooks error 6130, perform disk Cleaning To Remove All The Junk

Take a look at the following steps to run the disk clean-up tool.

  • Click on the Start button
  • Type the “command” in the search box without clicking Enter
  • Press and hold Ctrl+Shift keys on the keyboard and click Enter
  • In the permission dialog box, click on Yes
  • In the search bar, enter “cleanmgr” and click on Enter
  • All the space occupied by the temporary file will be evaluated and removed. Choose the boxes that you want to clean. Finally, press enter.

Solution 4: ‘Undo’ the Recent System Changes

This method would be considered using the Windows System Restore because it allows the user to go back in time. Hence, in this way, the system files and programs can be accessed. Use the following steps to use the System Restore tool:

  • Go to Start. 
  • Type System Restore in the search box.
  • Press  Enter.
  •  Hover to  System Restore
  • Enter administrator passwords if you get the permission
  • Choose a restore point with the help of the steps in the Wizard
  • Restore your system

Solution 5:  Running Windows System File Checker to fix Quickbooks error Code 6130. 

It is one of the best ways to scan and restore corruption in Windows System Files. It makes the process easy and efficient. It can be run on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and Vista.

  • Write “command” in the search box… stop, don’t press enter
  • Press and hold Ctrl+Shift keys on the keyboard and click Enter
  • In the permission dialog box, click on Yes
  • You will see Command Prompt- a blank screen. Type “sfc/scannow” and click on Enter
  • System File Checker will begin the scanning procedure with the above-steps.

Solution 6 : Uninstall and Reinstall QB Programs to fix Quickbooks error 6130

All the programs that are related to error 6130 should be addressed in this method. Uninstall those programs and reinstall them. By

  • Clicking on the Start button
  • Choosing Control Panel
  • Clicking on Program
  • Hitting Programs and Features. Find Error 6130 associated programs
  • Clicking on QB associated entry and select Uninstall button

Solution 7 : Install Available Windows Updates

Some issues in the windows or corrupted files lead to Quickbooks Error 6130. So, in order to avoid it, we can try implementing the available updates on Windows. If you are confused about whether some updates are available, consider the following options;

  • Go to Start.
  •  Type Update in the search box
  • Click Enter
  • Click on the Install Updates icon

In most cases, the above-written troubleshooting ways are enough to fix the problems. But QuickBooks customer support services come into the picture when situations are difficult. Sometimes the error persists, then we need geniuses. quickbooksenterprisesupport.com is a panacea for you. You can just make a call to the experts available. It is a comprehensive platform that helps businesses in solving all QuickBooks error Code 6130.