QuickBooks Error Code 6000 106

Fixing QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 106

Designed for managing small and mid-sized businesses, QuickBooks is impeccable accounting software. It is a very successful and helpful resource for businesses of all domains. There are multiple advantages to this accounting software. From creating invoices, payroll, taxation to managing finances, it does everything entirely. In some situations, perfection needs some rest. The same is the case with QuickBooks. The software is programmed with very intense that sometimes becomes troublesome for the users. Various issues are faced with the software that reduces the speed of your work. Mostly, there is a series of errors that occurred, error series 6000. Out of those number of cases, QuickBooks Error Code 6000 106 occurs with many users.

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About QuickBooks Error Code 6000 106

 It is an error that is caused when a user is trying to access the company file. In most cases, the company file that creates hindrance is on QuickBooks Desktop. Error 6000, 106 is an error that takes place when creating or opening a company file.

What Cause QuickBooks Error Code 6000 106?

As discussed above already, 6000, 106 is one of the 6000 series errors. But it is one of the rarest mistakes of that series. It doesn’t mean there are no solutions for that. In this blog, you will study the causes and troubleshooting ways to fix them. First, let us look at the reasons that result in cropping up this error. These are as follows:

·         Damaged QuickBooks company file

·         Improper company file and foremost problem is while creating it

·         Windows Firewall preventing QuickBooks from accessing the company file due to erroneous configuration

·         Getting a QuickBooks company file infected due to attack by malware attack or virus

·         Damaged or partial damage installation of QuickBooks

·         No physical storage of QuickBooks company file in the folder that used in accessing the company file

How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000 106?

In order to get rid of the error, perform the following solutions effectively.

Method 1: Deleting empty space

In this step, you have to delete all the empty space that is present before the company file extension and which is after the company name.

·         Log out QuickBooks Desktop

·         Click on the folder that contains saved company files

·         Rename the company file

·         Search the file name and clear all empty spaces between the file extension and company name

·         Create or open a company file

In case the error persists with your company file, proceed to the next method.

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QuickBooks Error Code 6000 106 Method 2: Turning off hosting

Here, in the second method, turn off hosting with all computers where the accounting software is installed. Further, the steps for single and multi-users are different. Take a look-

For single user:

When you turn off hosting mode, it will disable multi-user access.

·         Utilities> Stop Hosting Multi-User Access

·         You will see a message on the screen.

·         Click Yes

·         Again, a message would appear when the company file is to be closed. For that, Click on Yes.

For Multi-User:

You need to reach this step when more than one computer is set up incorrectly. Multiple users are not able to host the multi-user access. To fix it, implement the following steps.

·         Select File> Utilities in No Company Open Window

·         Make sure that the menu option of hist multi-user access is displayed. Single-user computers can display menu options and prevent access to hosting by multiple users.

·         Click on the option stating Stop Hosting Multi-User access on any client. Next, display the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.

·         To stop hosting, follow all the steps that are shown on the screen

·         Open the problematic company file

·         Make sure the log-in window appears

Still, facing a problem with your company file? Stay tuned.

QuickBooks Error Code 6000 106 Method 3: Moving to Remote File and Hosting Local Mode

·         Click F2 on QuickBooks to get details of Window

·         Set the hosting option to only local files. To get more information regarding this, see the bottom of the Window under local server information.

·         File> Change it to Multi-User Mode> Open Company File

·         To get more details, click on QuickBooks in-product help. Also, at this step, set up multi-user mode for the QB Desktop resource page

·         Open the company file to check the product detail tab. Then press F2.

·         Ensure hosting is set to only local files

Method 4: Restarting your PC

Yeah, it comes to mind to every technical or non-technical guy. When those mentioned above are not working, try restarting the client computer. It will bring all settings to scratch and elimination of current settings & state of the software.

Method 5: Using the standard data troubleshooting solutions

If you come across any damage to your company file data while carrying out troubleshooting, stay tuned. You can always ask for help. QuickBooks Enterprise Support Experts are there to serve you.