Effective to QuickBooks Error 6143: Cause Symptoms and solutions to Resolve the Error

QuickBooks Error 6143

QuickBooks error 6143 is an error in database validation that occurs when you upgrade or access a company file. The moment this QuickBooks error arises, the system gives an error message on the display screen, “Sorry! Something went wrong! Please restart the window.” The consequences may lead to the breaking of workflow and trouble the user with slow processing. The error should be resolved at the earliest to avoid any harm to the company’s financial records. But before you start resolving the issue you must address the possible reasons behind the emergence of error code 6143. 

Causes and Reasons for QuickBooks Error 6143 

Below are the reasons that can give rise to QuickBooks error code 6143 while you open the company file: 

  • If the system files are deleted, or corrupted due to window registry entries. 
  •  A virus or malware attack causes infection to the company file. 
  • Inappropriate installation of any applications or hardware 
  • Damaged Windows system files can also cause error 6143. 
  • If a related file or info is missing from the operation 

Signs and Symptoms for QuickBooks Error 6143 

If your software gets affected by QuickBooks error 6143, you can easily identify it by looking at the following symptoms 

  1. The program window keeps crashing frequently while running the program.  
  2. The text “QuickBooks Error 6143” perpetually pops up on the display screen.   
  3. Windows starts responding slowly.  
  4. Windows runs sluggishly and fails to respond   
  5. The screen freezes often while working.  

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6143 

If you are facing error 6143 in QuickBooks there are few solutions for resolving the technical glitch that has been hampering your work. The issue can be very easily solved by following these points manually.  

Solution1: Run the sample company file installed in the workstation 

The error in QuickBooks can be easily identified by running a sample company fine, hence making it easier to decide the right course of action. If you fail to open the sample file, you can figure out that the QuickBooks application is damaged. Let’s begin the process  

  • From the ‘No Company Open window’, click on the Sample Company File 
  • Now click on the list of sample company files to move further. 
  • If you manage to open a sample file, try opening it on your local workstation. 
  • If the same error code 6143 keeps appearing while you are trying to run the sample file, you must work towards repairing the QuickBooks installation 

Solution 2. Run the company file locally 

The process of opening the company file locally can help in reaching the root cause of the error. You can figure out if there is an issue with the location of the company file. It’s important to move the company file to the desktop and then open it from the new location. 

  • Navigate to the folder containing the QuickBooks company file 
  • Next, locate the .qbw file extension and right-click on it 
  • Select ‘Copy’ From the drop-down list and move to the desktop. 
  • Now, ‘paste’ the file on the desktop 
  • Further, you need to open QuickBooks, from the new location and select the File menu 
  • Now, click on Open or restore the existing company file 

If QuickBooks error 6143 is still continuously occurring, then you can try the next troubleshooting technique. 

Solution 3. Rename the Company File corresponding to File ND & TLG 

  • Navigate to the ‘company file directory‘. 
  • Try to ‘rename’ the File whose extension is ND and TLG. 
  • Finally, you need to ‘Restart’ the computer and check once again. 

Solution 4. Shut All QuickBooks Programs 

To execute the solution, you must follow the steps below: 

  • Log in as the system administrator, to have access to all the files, 
  • Now, press the keys CTRL+Shift+Esc together. 
  • At the end of the solution, select the Users tab to show processes and shut all the QuickBooks processes. 

Now that you have come across the solutions for troubleshooting QuickBooks error 6143, you can manually work towards solving the errors. In case you fail to access your software, and the technical glitch persists after following all the steps then you must take professional help from the Our QuickBooks Enterprise experts.