How to Fix Network Issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

How to Fix Network Issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

Quickbooks may sometimes face network issues. And this network connection in Quickbooks may have occurred due to various reasons.  The main reason for the Fix Network Issues in QuickBooks Desktop usually occurs when you try to access the company file.  Network issues in Quickbooks error arrives with a message “The connection to the company file has been lost. Any unsaved data will need to be re-entered”. 

Why does Fix Network Issues in QuickBooks Desktop arrive? 

When there is some network issue in the Quickbooks, you see a message, ‘Error: A network problem has occurred’. Occurrence of this message means that only a portion of a page has not been fully loaded due to network issues. 

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How can ‘QuickBooks connection has been lost’ error message be avoided? 

  • Network issues in Quickbooks are quite annoying since it usually happens while in the middle of the task. You should keep the few things in mind, to avoid such Quickbooks network connection issues:
  • Update the Quickbooks after logging in as window admin and ensure that the computer meets the minimum requirement so as to run Quickbooks. 
  • Keep your Quickbooks to the latest version release. 
  • Make sure that the company file is compatible in that version of Quickbooks which is being used. 
  • Run the enterprise company file in the Quickbooks enterprise mode only. 
  • You need to rebuild the file on the local system. 

How to fix Network issues in QuickBooks Error?

Solution 1: Restarting Quickbooks. 

  • Sometimes, simply restart the Quickbooks and it will resolve the network connection error in Quickbooks. 
  •  After restarting the Quickbooks, you will not face Quickbooks network  issues. 

Solution 2: Restarting your system. 

  • If restarting Quickbooks does not solve the network issue in Quickbooks, you can try restarting your computer. Updating the program and restarting the system will fix network issues in the Quickbooks. 

Solution 3: Using Quickbooks file doctor tool. 

  • Quickbooks network issues can be fixed by using Quickbooks file doctor tool. 
  • Download and install Quickbooks file doctor from the intuit website. 
  • Run the QB file doctor, it will fix network issues in the Quickbooks.

Solution 4: Checking the network. 

  • The most important thing that needs to be done when you see the network issues is check the network connection. Make sure that you have access to the network essential for the process of update. 
  • You should try to open the company file on the server to check if you have access to the network. 

Solution 5: Examining the portable drive. 

  • First, remove the device and connect it again. 
  • You have to find the .QBW file on the removable drive from MY computer, try to save other files in the drive to check if it is working or not. 

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Solution 6: Checking the firewalls. 

  • Network issues in the Quickbooks may also arise if the firewall is blocking the internet access which is required for Quickbooks files. You have to update the firewall to the latest release which may resolve the issue. 
  • You may also have to configure exceptions and ports which are needed for firewall software.

Solution 7: Check for network connectivity. 

Running IP configuration 

To verify the TCP/IP configuration of your computer IP config tool is very useful. 

It  helps in troubleshooting the problem in the Quickbooks network. 

In order to run ipconfig:
Go to the windows start option

In the search field which opens, you need to CMD. 

Select the command prompt and enter the ipconfig and press Enter after entering ipconfig. 

We hope that Fix Network Issues in QuickBooks Desktop are now fixed!! If you are still  facing any issues in resolving Quickbooks network issues, you can contact QuickBooks Enterprises Support at +1-888-485-0289