QuickBooks Online Banking Error 106, 168 and 324

QuickBooks Online Banking Error 106 168 and 324

Quickbooks accounting software is a versatile software which is trusted by business users all over the world. Quickbooks sometimes encounter certain issues, for instance it might encounter Quickbooks Online Banking error 106 168 and 324 despite being the cutting-edge software.

What are Quickbooks Banking error 106, 168 and 324 ?

Quickbooks error 106, 168 and 324 are the Quickbooks’ online banking errors. It happens when Quickbooks is not able to find the accounts  while logging in to the bank website due to which the details are not shown on the bank website.

What are the prominent reasons for the occurrence of Quickbooks Banking error 106, 168 and 324 ?

  • Bank must have closed the account.
  • Incorrect login details. 
  • Issues with the bank server.

What can be done to get Quickbooks Online Banking error 106, 168 and 324 resolved?

Quickbooks error 106, 168 and 324 can be easily resolved by going to the link which is there at the end of the error message. The link is stated as “Reconnect my account link”. You need to follow the steps which you see on the screen to update your account with your bank after clicking on the link.

If you don’t see the reconnect my account link and nor there any indication of this issue, then you should check if you can add the updated bank details in Quickbooks online. 

  •  Go to the update tab of the Quickbooks.
  • Do not run the manual updates during the peak hours. 
  • Try logging in to the bank site using the URL. 

For US Customers with well Fargo:

  • Reach the Well Fargo internet banking. 
  • Go to the option of account summary. 
  • Click on the drop down and select the business account.
  • Click Go. 
  • Choose the tab of set as default view.
  • Now, login to Quickbooks online.
  • Proceed to set up a connection with well fargo online banking. 

If Quickbooks error 106, 168 and 324 is troubling you in using the online banking  services of the Quickbooks, you need to follow the below-mentioned methods and you will be able to get rid of Quickbooks errors 106, 168 and 324. You can reach out to Quickbooks enterprise support at 1.888.485.0289 for instant help to resolve Quickbooks error 106, 168 and 324.