QuickBooks Failed to Send Usage Data Error, How to Fix ?

QuickBooks Failed to Send Usage Data Error, How to Fix ?

QuickBooks is reliable accounting software that offers versatile features to businesses of all sizes. From accounting, taxation, bookkeeping to creating invoices, one can drop all the worries. It is a comprehensive platform where users can do their hours of work in minutes. The advanced technology and features used in accounting software make it the first choice of millions of users. You can meet your business goals with the help of such software. But sometimes, due to high-end programming and coding, the software encounters technical glitches. Working on Quickbooks might  become very difficult due to the occurrence of the certain errors. One such error is “QuickBooks Failed to Send Usage Data Error” that happens due to the incorrect  time zone of your system.

Reasons for the occurrence of the Quickbooks failing to send usage data Error:

  • Incorrect  time zone in the system.
  • Accountant copy  created.

To get QuickBooks failed to send usage data Error resolved:

Method 1: Check date and time.

Check date and time in quickbooks
  • Go to the bottom of the screen.
  •  Double click on the time icon.
  • Select the time zone.
  •  Set the correct time zone and Date.
  • Click OK.

Method 2: Check for the accountant ’s copy.

 Check for the accountant ’s copy.
  • Go to Quickbooks. 
  • Reach the title bar.
  • If there is an accountant copy,wait till the accountant’s copy is returned. 
  • Remove restrictions  manually.
  • Once the restrictions are removed,  send it to intuit.

Method 3: Update Quickbooks payroll.

Update Quickbooks payroll
  • Open Quickbooks.
  • Go to the employee tab.
  • From the drop-down,Select Payroll update
  • Click on update.
  • Reboot the system .

Method 4: Activate the  service key.

Activate the  service key in QuickBooks
  • Open Quickbooks.
  • Proceed to the  employee option.
  • Select My payroll service.
  • On the service key window.,click edit 
  • Uncheck the box.
  • Click Finish.
  • Go to the employee tab. 
  • Choose my payroll service.
  • Click on Send usage data.

If you still feel you need further help in resolving QuickBooks failed to send usage data error, connect to QuickBooks Enterprise Support at 1-888-485-0289.