Quickbooks Error Code C=339

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=339

Quickbooks allows small and medium sized businesses to manage their accounting and finance tasks,and not only this, even entrepreneurs and individuals are gaining great benefits from Quickbooks. But there are times when Quickbooks behave abnormally and it encounters several errors. One such error is Quickbooks Error Code C=339. 

What is Quickbooks Error C=339? 

Quickbooks error C=339 is encountered when the memory of your system is full and it does not allow you to send messages over Quickbooks. 

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What are the possible reasons for occurrence of Quickbooks error C=339? 

  •  Error C=339 may occur when the storage on your system is low. 
  • Damaged company files can also result in Quickbooks error C=339.

How to fix Quickbooks Error Code C=339?:

 Method 1: Cleaning disk space. 

  • You need to clean the disk space and for this: 
  • Go to the windows start menu and in the search bar type ‘File explorer’. 
  • In the navigation bar which opens, go to the my computer option. 
  • Make a right click on the hard drive and go to the properties tab. 
  • See for the space which is available. 
  • Free some space in the hard drive. 

Method 2: Using rebuilding data file tool. 

  • Hover to the tab of the file menu in the Quickbooks, and go to the rebuild data from the utilities option. 
  • Then this tool will repair your file. 
  • Make a click on OK once the tool finishes repairing. 

Hopefully, QuickBooks Error Code C=339 is now resolved. For more help to fix Quickbooks Error C=339 you need to reach out to Quickbooks enterprise support at +1-888-485-0289