How to fix QuickBooks installation Error Code 1402?

QuickBooks installation Error Code 1402

Sometimes installation of Quickbooks may be witnessed by certain errors and these errors create difficulty in installing Quickbooks. One such installation error of Quickbooks is QuickBooks Error Code 1402 . This error occurs when the installation of Quickbooks is improper or incomplete which results in missing components. 

What are the reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 1402 ?

  • Quickbooks installation file might be corrupted. 
  • Installation CD might be damaged. 
  • Incomplete Quickbooks installation. 
  • Outdated windows might be used. 

How can QuickBooks Error Code 1402 be resolved?

Solution 1: By using Quickbooks install diagnostic tool. 

  • The first step is to get the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool installed from the Intuit website. 
  • Then you need to close all the currently running programs. 
  • After installing the Quickbooks diagnostic tool in your computer, move ahead to run the tool and it may take around 20 minutes to finish the process of fixing the installation issues. 
  • Once you see the process is over, restart the system. 

Solution 2: Installing missing updates. 

  • From the desktop, reach the windows icon and click on it. 
  • Proceed to perform windows update and then choose Check for updates.
  • Move ahead to install the pending updates. 
  • Restart the computer. 

Solution 3: Reinstalling Quickbooks.

  • Move to programs and features tab from the control panel. 
  • Search Quickbooks and continue to uninstall it by following the onscreen steps. 
  • Reinstall Quickbooks after restarting your computer. 

Solution 4: Updating Quickbooks. 

  • To update Quickbooks you must reach the help menu in the Quickbooks. 
  • From here you should click on update now. 
  • Check for the updates which are available. 
  • Proceed to download and install these updates. 
  • Restart your computer. 

How can Quickbooks error 1402 be prevented?

  • To prevent Quickbooks error 1402, you need to ensure that you back-up your data regularly. 
  • Do not interrupt the process of software installation even when it takes more than expected time. 

If you feel you need more help in resolving QuickBooks Error Code 1402, you can reach out to Quickbooks enterprise support at 1-888-485-0289