How to fix Quickbooks Error Code C=47

Quickbooks Error Code C=47

Working with Quickbooks is hampered by several errors. Quickbooks Error Code C=47 is one such error, which affects the working with the Quickbooks. These errors need to be fixed as soon as they occur since these errors will not allow it to work with the Quickbooks. 

What is Quickbooks Error Code C=47?

Quickbooks error C=47 appears when the browser settings for specific protected websites. Quickbooks Error C=47 may popup while performing a cleanup windows server. 2008. Error C=47 shows the error message “Unable to find transaction’. 

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What are the reasons for the occurrence of Quickbooks error C=47?

  • There can be issues with the Internet explorer settings for secured websites. 
  • If you  try to edit the entries.  

How to fix Quickbooks Error Code C=47:

Solution 1: Scanning for viruses. 

  • If you see the error while loading\3\LXCRtime.dll’, you need to scan the system virus. 
  • The scan will remove all the junk and fix Quickbooks error C=47. 

Solution 2: Updating Quickbooks. 

  • You need to update the Quickbooks to the latest version. 
  • Once the update is done, resort the lists by performing the following steps:
  • Click on the list options and make a click on the chart of accounts. 
  • From the view menu, click on Re-sort lists. 
  • Choose the item. 

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Solution 3: Manually fixing Quickbooks error C=47. 

  • Reboot the system once driver un-establishment is done. 
  • You need to configure the driver on it and it will help the system to recognize the gadget. 
  • From the start tab, go to sort device manager and click on the main outcome. 
  • Choose the gadget and click on Update driver software. 
  • You have to click and choose from the rundown og gadget drivers. 
  • Click on the driver with ‘Legacy’->Click Next. 

Hopefully, Quickbooks Error Code C=47 is now resolved!! For more help to fix Error C=47, contact QuickBooks enterprise support at +1-888-485-0289 and our team of experts will help you to resolve Quickbooks Error C=47.