QuickBooks Error Code 6000 301, How To Fix?

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 301_

Quickbooks  accounting software provides  a large number of features like cloud accounting solutions that have been proving helpful for small business owners, bookkeepers, and other businesses of any size. Quickbooks has helped in getting accounting and taxation data  to your fingertips. Quickbooks  help its users  in accessing online banking, invoicing, cloud accounting, cash flow management, and time tracking. But sometimes, a small problem in the system or  software glitch results in a work deterrent and results in certain One such error is QuickBooks Error Code 6000 301 which arises while accessing the company file in Quickbooks. Quickbooks error code 6000, 301 is an error of 6000 series which are likely to occur due to damaged or corrupted company files in the Quickbooks. 

What is QuickBooks Error Code 6000 301?

Quickbooks Error code 6000, 301 is usually seen while accessing the company file The error 6000, 301  appears with a message stating “Warning: An error occurred when QuickBooks Desktop tried to access the company file”. Quickbooks error code 6000, 301 being an error of 6000 series in Quickbooks appears when the .qbw company file is being opened in Quickbooks but the disk space is not sufficient or the company file is damaged. 

Quickbooks error 6000, 301 will affect your working with the Quickbooks as it would not allow you to access the company files. To get the error resolved, you can connect to the experts of Quickbooks enterprise support. We are a dedicated team working round the clock to fix all your issues that you might encounter in Quickbooks. 

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Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6000 301

Some of the most common reasons  for the occurrence of the Quickbooks  error code 6000, 301:

  • Some sort of damage in the company file can result in Error code 6000, 301. 
  • One or more files in Quickbooks are damaged.
  •  Any corrupted data in QB Desktop Support Files.
  • Encrypted Software can be the cause for the occurrence of the Quickbooks error 6000, 301. 
  • .DSN files might be damaged. 
  • Transaction log file might be damaged. 
  • Network data files are damaged. 
  • Antivirus might block the Quickbooks’ communication. 
  • Virus threat to the computer. 

Symptoms of Quickbooks error 6000, 301:

Quickbooks error 6000, 301 can hamper your work and Quickbooks. Thus it is important to recognize the Error 6000, 301. These are the some symptoms which can help you to find Error 6000, 301:

  • You  will not be able to access the damaged company files.
  • Your system will behave in a sluggish manner. 
  • Mouse and keyboard will behave remotely. 
  • Active windows might crash.                 

Before troubleshooting Quickbooks error 6000, 301, it is recommended that you always: 

1.create backup of the company file so that you don’t lose the data. You can create the backup of the Quickbooks company file from the path: Quickbooks<<File<<Backup Company<< Create Local Backup

2. Keep the location of the company file handy. 

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000 301?

By using these simple yet effective troubleshooting methods, the users can get rid of the Quickbooos error 6000, 301 

Method 1. By Updating The Software. For this:

  •    First,  Open QuickBooks Desktop
  •     Reach to the Help menu. 
  •  Herein, chose the  Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Make a Click on Update Now on  the top right corner
  •   You need to  Check the box of ‘Reset Update’.
  • Make a click on  Get Updates
  •    Once you see that  the process of Update is complete, close QuickBooks

Method 2: Renaming the network data and .TLG  files.

  • Rename the QuickBooks Support files. For this:
  •    open the folder which is containing the company files.
  •        Search for the file extensions, .tlg, and .nd.
  • Proceed to make a right click on these files simultaneously. 
  • Rename the files and don’t forget to add .tlg and .nd at the end of the files.

Method 3: Renaming .DSN files.

  • Go to the folder which consists of your company file.
  • Locate the file having .DSN extension.
  • Rename the file after right-clicking on the file.
  • Add .DSN at the end of the file as an extension.

MEthod 4: Downloading And Running QB File Doctor to fix Quickbooks error 6000, 301

  • First, you have to    Download QuickBooks Tools Hub
  • Go to your downloads by pressing CTRL+J and click on QuickBooksToolsHub.exe
  •  Click Yes and move ahead to follow other instructions to install it
  • Click Yes again to accept the licence agreement
  • Click on Next and Install and when the installation is complete, click on Finish
  •  Open Quickbooks  Tool Hub and under the Company File Issues.
  • Make a  click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • It will fix the issues with the company files 

Method 5. Disabling The Encrypted Software

There might be some kinds of encryption software such as Ax Crypt, Folder Lock, etc, then you have to encrypt the folder. You have to do so because these are the locations where the QuickBooks company file is saved. If the software is encrypting then you have to disable the encryption so that you can prevent the occurrence of the error we are talking about.

Method 6: Repairing Quickbooks desktop.

  • Repairing Quickbooks can also resolve Quickbooks error 6000, 301. For thisL 
  • Go to the start/ windows option.
  • Move ahead to open the control panel.
  • Make a click on the Program.
  • Next, choose Programs and features tab.
  • Click on the Uninstall option.
  • Choose Quickbooks from the list of the programs. 
  • You will see a wizard, select the option of repair. 
  • Follow the steps on the screen.
  • Quickbooks desktop will be repaired. 

Method 7: Restarting the computer.

Sometimes, simply restarting the computer can resolve certain issues. QuickBooks error 6000, 301 can also be fixed by restarting the computer followed by rebooting the company file. 

Hopefully, The above steps proved helpful to resolve the QuickBooks error code 6000 301. If you want to fix the error without any time consumption, and hard work, then call QuickBooks enterprise support at 1888-485-0289. Quickbooks Enterprise support is an online platform that offers QuickBooks error support services round the clock.

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