3 Steps to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1304

3 Steps to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1304

Quickbooks accounting software  helps all small and medium sized businesses in tracking their financial tasks. But at times, you may encounter several errors. Some of the Errors may occur while installing Quickbooks. One such error is QuickBooks Error Code 1304 which appears while installing or upgrading the software to the latest release. Occurrence of QB error 1304 hampers your performance while working on Quickbooks and also it affects several windows applications. 

What is Quickbooks Error Code 1304?

 Quickbooks Error code 1304 when you try to install Quickbooks software using CD. An error message will flash on the screen stating “Error writing to file [THBImg45r.dII].Verify that you have access to the directory. Quickbooks Error 1304 usually occurs due to the issues in the installation CD. 

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What can be the reasons for the occurrence of Quickbooks installation Error 1304?

  • Quickbooks installer might not be able to read the installation files from the CD which is used for installation. 
  • There might be some issue in the installation CD. 
  • Microsoft .NET framework can be damaged. 

Symptoms of Quickbooks Error code 1304:

  • An error message will flash recklessly on your screen and the active window will crash. 
  • Installation process will get interrupted. 
  • Quickbooks might not be able to perform accounting operations. 
  • System might become lethargic and will not follow the input data.

How to fix Quickbooks Error code 1304?

 Solution 1: Moving installation files, folder and set up to the local storage of your computer.

  • The very first step is to insert the CD in your computer. 
  • Click on Quit when it asks for installation. 
  • Make a right click anywhere on the desktop. 
  • Move to the option of NEW and choose the folder from the list. 
  • Give the name ‘QBInstall’ to the folder. 
  •  Then you need to make a double click on the CD drive in the windows file explorer. 
  • Choose all the files and press Ctrl+C to copy them. 
  • Reach to the folder which you created and open it and paste all the copied files here. 
  • After all the files have been moved, you have to locate and double click setup.exe file to proceed the process of installation. 

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QuickBooks Error Code 1304 Solution 2:  Repairing damaged Microsoft .NET framework. 

  • For efficient installation of Quickbooks, some Microsoft components like MSXML, C++ and .NET framework are essential. 
  • Damage in these components can cause QB error code 1304. 
  • You need to repair the Microsoft .NET framework. 

Solution 3: Running Quickbooks file doctor tool. 

  • If the above mentioned troubleshooting does not fix Quickbooks file doctor tool 1304, you can try to fix this error using Quickbooks file doctor tool. 
  • Download QB file doctor tool from intuit website and get it installed. 
  • Once it is installed, you need to run this tool, and it will fix the issues in the Quickbooks. 

 If you are not able to fix Quickbooks error code 1304, don’t panic!! Reach out to Quickbooks enterprise support at –1+888-485-0289 and our technical experts will help you in resolving error 1304.