Quickbooks Error Code C=51

QuickBooks Error Code C=51

As far as the accounting and financial tasks are considered, Quickbooks is the most trusted accounting software by not only small and medium sized businesses but also by the entrepreneurs, individuals and accountants. But there are times when Quickbooks also encounter several errors. For instance, Quickbooks Error code C=51. 

What is Quickbooks Error Code C=51?

Quickbooks Error C=51 may encounter with error message “Quickbooks unable to find the TxList file’. This is usually seen when the user tries to get rid of txList from txLists list, but Quickbooks is not able to find it. Occurrence of Quickbooks Error C=52 stops the Quickbooks from functioning. It may also delete some of the important Quickbooks files. 

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What are the reasons for the occurrence of Quickbooks Error C=51?

  • There must be some issues with the Quickbooks verification. 
  • There may be a Quickbooks rebuild error. 
  • There might be an error while you update Quickbooks. 
  • There may be damage in the company file. 
  • Quickbooks database can be corrupted. 

Before fixing Quickbooks Error C=51, you must have the following things:

  •  Transaction log file. 
  • Corrupted .QBW file. 
  • Backup of the Quickbooks data file. 

How to fix Quickbooks Error Code C=51: 

Solution 1: Update Quickbooks

  •  The very first step is to update the Quickbooks to the latest version of the Quickbooks 
  • Once you update the Quickbooks, make sure to restart the Quickbooks. 

Method 2: Rebuilding the data. 

  • Close Quickbooks and reopen the Quickbooks. 
  • Go to the file menu of the Quickbooks and try to rebuild the data. 
  • After rebuilding the data, verify the Quickbooks. 

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Method 3: Using Quickbooks file doctor tool. 

  • Download and install QB file doctor tool. 
  • Once the installation of Quickbooks file doctor tool is complete, you need to run the tool and it will fix any database error in the Quickbooks. 
  • Restart the system after the QB file doctor tool fixes the error.

Hopefully, Quickbooks Error Code C=51  is now resolved. If you are still facing any issues in fixing Quickbooks error C=51, you can reach out to Quickbooks enterprise support and we will help you in resolving error C=52.