How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1618

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1618

QuickBooks Error Code 1618 usually appears when the user tries to install  the Quickbooks desktop on the system. Quickbooks error 1618 appears with a message – “There was a problem installing Microsoft’s runtime library”. Error 1618 is a time consuming and annoying error. 

Quickbooks error 1618 is seen when more than one windows installer is running at the same time and it might also block the installation process. Thus it is very crucial to install and update and repair the system. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 1618 :

  • It will show the Quickbooks runtime library error message. 
  • Quickbooks may freeze. 
  • Window becomes sluggish.
  • System stops functioning. 

What are the causes for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 1618 ?

  • Corrupt Quickbooks installation. 
  • Windows registry is corrupted. 
  • System files may be infected. 

What are the ways to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1618 ?

Solution 1: Updating windows installer. 

  • The foremost step is to login as admin. 
  • You must see that the  window installer is updated. 
  • Now you have to move to the ‘My computer’.
  • Now you must open the C:\WINDOWS\system32 and right click the exe file. 
  • Now you have to move to the properties and then to the version tab. 
  • Find the information which is related to the Windows installer version. 
  • Reboot system. 

Solution 2: Creating backup for windows registry. 

  • From the windows taskbar, go to the  start menu and then open the run command. 
  • You have to type the regedit and click OK. 
  • Now you must move ahead to my computer and then you should open the file menu and click Export. 
  • Proceed to choose the option in export range now you have to save the created registry backup on the desktop.
  • You must delete the keys. 

Solution 3: Closing MSIEXEC.EXE in the background. 

  • You must open the task manager by pressing ctrl+Alt+del key
  • Now you must go to the processes tab and choose the MSIEXEC.EXE and click the end process. 

For more help in fixing QuickBooks Error Code 1618 , reach out to QuickBooks enterprise support at +1-888-485-0289.