How to Fix Error Code 00000 XXXXX in QuickBooks

Given the state-of-the-art technology, and innovative QuickBooks is one of the most reliable software to state the accounting needs of a business. But despite its prominence, it tends to face certain errors that need to be rectified at the earliest. Sometimes the error code can appear in the format error code 00000 XXXXX in QuickBooks.  

This error code can alter based on the user’s action in Payroll along with the version of QuickBooks which is being used. It generally gets displayed as “Error: QuickBooks Payroll Setup-Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX” or “Unrecoverable Error” The error code can range from 00000 00001 to 00000 99999. 

What are the Causes of Unrecoverable Error? 

error code 00000 XXXXX in QuickBooks

Usually, the error is caused by the inclusion of special characters in the file name format, either in the vendor list or employee center or perhaps in the timesheet. Yet another reason is when there is a duplicate entry of any employee’s name. 

The error codes that can be witnessed are : 

  • 00002 71328 
  • 00002 20123 
  • 00000 17002 
  • 00000 38049 
  • 00000 88579 
  • 00000 38772 
  • 00000 97340 
  • 00000 88703 
  • 00000 40370 

Additional Error Codes are

  • 00000 99867 
  • 00000 88703 
  • 00000 34289 

Steps to Solve error code 00000 XXXXX in QuickBooks

  • Step 1 When the error message appears on the screen, click on the ‘View Report Link‘ option. After clicking a new window will open the partial view of failure details. 
  • Step 2 In the next step, you need to double click and open file ‘ReportHeader.xml‘ on the Internet from the list of files. 
  • Step 3 If the file doesn’t open, report the location of the file ‘ReportHeade.xml‘. 
  • Step 4 Now optimize ‘Windows Explorer‘ to navigate to the location of the file ‘ReportHeader.xml‘ and followed by right-clicking on it to open the file in ‘New Window‘ on Internet Explorer. 
  • Step5 Further, hit in ‘CTRL+F‘ keys to open the search box and then you need to type ‘Exception String 0in the search box. 

The report after the process will mark the location of the error and thus helps the user in solving the issue by making required alterations. 

Resolution of Errors: 00000 99867, 00000 88703, 00000 34289.  

Fix Error 00000 99867 

  • The QuickBooks error code 00000 99867 is one of the error code 00000 XXXXX in QuickBooks which generally appears when the column ‘State field’ is left black in the Employee Setup. You need to write a state or select ‘none’ to resolve the issue. 

Fix Error 00000 88703 

  • The error code arises when the first and the last names of the employees are not filled in the Employee Setup window. All you need to do is just fill in the names of the employees in the respective fields to resolve the error 00000 88703. 

Fix Error 00000 34289 

  • Error 00000 34289 appears if, in the Employee Setup Screen, a user has set a payroll item at a percentage when the percentage item is not allowed in the payroll item. To troubleshoot this issue, the user needs to change the item to a non-percentage item. 
 Value>System.ApplicationException: The storage category map is invalid for the Local tax payroll item: f at QBIOAdapter.QBEmpLocalTaxAccessor.” in the <Name>Exception String 0</Name> 

Step 1: An Employee Withholding report. 

  • Click on Reports the go-to Employees & Payroll followed by Employee Withholding 
  • Now, you need to click on Customize Report
  • Go to Columns and remove the checkmarks from current items and mark a checkmark next to Employee, Local Tax 1, Local Tax 2, Local Tax 3, Local Tax 4, Local Tax 5 till Local Tax 12
  • From there, click on the Filters tab. 
  • Once done, click on Active Status and select All.  
  • Finally, you must click on OK
  • Now at the end, you need to leave the report open, print or export it to Excel. 

Step 2: Creation of Payroll Item Listing report. 

  • In the first step, click on Reports, then navigate to Employees & Payroll, from there you need to go to the Payroll Item Listing
  • Now, click on Customize Report
  • Remove the checkmarks from all the items, and checkmark only in Payroll Item and Type
  • Further, Click on Active Status and then select All
  • Click the Filters tab, Followed by OK. 
  • Leave the report open, print or click to export to Excel. 

Step 3: Compare the two reports. 

 Go through the Local Taxes that are not type Other. 

Step 4: Edit employees with a tax item individually 

  • Click on the employee from the Employee Withholding report to open the Edit Employee window.   
  • Now Click the Payroll Info tab then click the Taxes button.   
  • Go to the Other tab and remove the tax items that do not have a type Other.   
  • Now, click OK to save 

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