How to fix QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999?

How to fix QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999

Over a few years Quickbooks has emerged as one of the most reliable accounting software. It helps the small and medium sized business as well as accountants and individuals in their accounts work as it comes with dynamic features. Quickbooks helps its users in bookkeeping, payroll services further it helps in managing sales etc.  But Quickbooks might be sometimes hampered by certain errors, like QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999.

What is Quickbooks banking error 9999?

Quickbooks error 9999 is a script error  in Quickbooks that might block the banks’ internet connection with the Quickbooks online. QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999 leads to system hang and system becomes sluggish. Quickbooks banking error 9999 results while updating the bank information. 

Error 9999 in Quickbooks pops up with the error message- “We can’t update your account” “Error code- 9999- can’t update”.

What are the reasons for QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999?

  • Internet connection might not be secure. 
  • Bank server might be having issues. 
  • Windows firewall may be interfering with Quickbooks.
  • Antivirus might block Quickbooks.
  • Cookies can cause error 9999 in quickbooks.

Symptoms of Quickbooks banking error 9999:

  • Error 9999 will not let you connect with the bank.
  • The browser might become slow.
  • Browser might not respond.
  • An error message “We can’t update your account’’ will be displayed.

How can QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999 be fixed?

To fix Banking error 9999 in Quickbooks, try the below-mentioned methods:

Method 1: Reporting the issue:

  • You need to click on the option “Report the issue” from the error link which appears on the screen.
  • You will be redirected to the banking page, enter your name and email address. 
  • Click on submit. 
  • The tech team will reach out to you regarding the error.

Method 2: Linking in Quickbooks online. 

  • First, you must cancel your current Quickbooks online account. 
  • Click on the Edit option.
  • Choose the option “Edit account info”.
  • Click on “Disconnect this account on save”.
  • Select the save and close option.
  • Reach the Dashboard and you have to renew the link.
  • Reach the .QBO account and proceed to link it.
  • You will see the updated transaction in Quickbooks online account. 

Method 3: Clearing cookies and history.

  • Open Internet Explorer. 
  • Choose the favourites tab.
  • Click on tab- History.
  • Reach to the menu.
  • Select the sites which are to be deleted.
  • Clear the search history.
  • Click Delete.

Method 4: Create Backup key.

  • Reach the start menu.
  • Type command in the search bar.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift. 
  • Click yes on the permission box.
  • Type Regedit in the black box.
  • Choose the Error 9999 key after pressing enter. 
  • From the file menu, select the option of Export. 
  • Create the backup and save the file with .reg extension.
QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999

Method 5: Check firewall settings.

Firewall settings can result in Quickbooks error fix this error: 

  • Open the firewall settings.
  • Select Exceptions in the firewall settings.
  • Add Quickbooks and other related sites  to the list of exceptions of the firewall.
irewall settings can result in Quickbooks error 9999

Hopefully, these methods mentioned above were helpful in fixing QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999. If you are still stuck on Quickbooks error 9999, you can reach out Quickbooks enterprise support at 1.888.485.0289 and our technical support team will help you to resolve Quickbooks banking error 9999.